AI robot appears to grope female reporter during live interview in Saudi Arabia

**AI Robot’s Controversial Interaction Sparks Debate**

In a recent unveiling event at DeepFest in Riyadh, a Saudi robotics company, QSS, introduced “Muhammad the Humanoid Robot” to the public. The male humanoid robot, dressed in traditional Saudi attire and capable of speaking Arabic and English, was intended to showcase the company’s technological advancements.

However, the event took an unexpected turn when a video surfaced showing Muhammad seemingly touching a female reporter, Rawya Kassem from Al Arabiya, during a live interview. In the viral footage, the robot appears to extend its hand towards the reporter’s backside, prompting widespread criticism and debate on social media.

Responding to the controversy, QSS emphasized that Muhammad is a fully autonomous robot designed to operate independently without direct human control. The company conducted a thorough review of the incident and concluded that there were no deviations from the expected behavior of the robot. Nevertheless, QSS pledged to implement additional measures to prevent similar incidents in the future, particularly by restricting access to the robot’s movement area.

Despite QSS’s assurances, social media users raised concerns about the implications of the robot’s actions and its impact on human-robot interactions. Many criticized the incident as inappropriate and called for greater accountability in the development and deployment of AI technology.

As discussions continue, the controversy surrounding Muhammad’s interaction with the female reporter underscores the complexities and ethical considerations surrounding the integration of AI technology into daily life.

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